Friday, January 23, 2009

hello long lost friends

i cant believe it's been a little over a year since i blogged last. I guess this is why i don't journal.. I SUCK at it. Im getting really excited, the Ft. Lauderdale girls are getting ready to hit the road to head up to our annual WINTER RETREAT. It is supposed to be cold! which i cant wait for, it's gonna be fun sleeping in the cabins in 30+ degree weather. Im all hooked up. i've got my 0 degree sleeping bag, my outdoor world propane heater, long johns, im ready to go baby :) some of the girls in our group will not brave the elements and some of us say BRING IT !!! LOL
If our a scrapbooker, you've probley heard of Kit of the Month from Creating Keepsakes. Alot of my friends are doing the 365 kit of the month. It was so hot, that it sold out quickly. Im bummed that I missed out on this cool kit, however, alot of girls have improvised and have created their own version weather it be via blog or digital. I know im a little late starting that venture, but i think i may jump on board & try out the digital version.
Rick & I are going out to dinner tonight since we didn't get out lunch date yesterday. It's been a while since we've been out for Sushi. I think im gonna bring my camera & take a pic or two of our dinner. I will try to post it when i get back home.
Well thats it for now girls

Thursday, December 27, 2007

happy holidays

Hi all
i hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. I sure did. I really thought this christmas was gonna stink, but it turned out to be wonderful. Santa was really good to the kids, they got everything they wanted & of course since they are teenagers now, what they want is always expensive ! but whatever, you only live once.
i've had this week off, the first time in years that i got christmas week off. actually, the second time i didn't piss my time away b-4 i'm usually out of vacation time cause i manage to use it all in the beginning of the year. 08 will be different cause there are 6 of us in my group & i'm now #5 on the senority list. so i doubt i'll get spring break or christmas off next year. oh well. i'll have to take lots of long weekends then. any ways, what was i saying. oh yeah, so like im off this week & i have not scrapped once !. i've been painting. had to do the dinning room, hallway & staircase. for what ever reason. when people come to look at a house, they cant seem to see past colors. so i've had to cover my beautiful colors & go neutral. do you know how bad it sucks to have to paint a vaulted ceiling ! i so hate painting this house ! ggrrrrr at least im almost done. i have the staircase to do & then done, then it'll just be some touch up here & there to freshen up. you dont realize that things get dirty till u start to paint.
dh is going to put up shelves in the closet in the office tomorrow so i can move my scrap stuff out of the pantry and back into the office/computer room/animal room. maybe i'll get to scrap something b-4 the weekend is out. whoo hoo.
well all, thats its for now.
peace out

Monday, October 15, 2007

i've been tagged

ok so here are 7 weird things about me
1. i have a weird sense of humor. i love south park & carlos mencia
2. my eyes dont work together like yours do so i can not see 3 d.( unless i go to disney on one of their 3 d rides that the picture surrounds me, then i get sick)
3. i also have to be covered when i sleep even if it's hot, but will kick off the covers & then re-cover my self while sleeping.
4. i love horror movies & teeny bopper movies, and cant let go of the 80's. i know by now your thinking im realy lame, well i am !
5. i have to cut my own grass. i dont like the way anyone else does it. im ocd when it comes to my lawn & it really pisses me off when my pretty plants die & there is no color. i just re-did my plants & some died... gggrrrrr
6. i hate to have my picture taken because of my eyes & teeth. they really bother me & some day when my kids are taken care of, i will get mine done, but not now. so thats y i never have a full smile in my pictures.
7.i love to look at peoples eyes and their color. but people w/ dark brown eyes freak me out. if i cant see the pupil, it freaks me out. it's like a giant black eye looking at me..... gives me the willies. they say the eyes are the windows to a persons soul & i believe that. it's like the black dot is looking into mine.
i know, that was no fun. but it's really hard to find quirky things about yourself. im sure it would be easier if someone else did this for me.
well i cant really tag anyone else since i dont know anyone else but my hilltop girls that have blogs & ya'll have already done this...
ok so now im relly off to bed since i cant even see what im writing.
besides at least i finally got my sign on right & could post again. i tried last week & couldnt get on... like i said im a dork.

ooohhh another week.

cant believe it's already the middle of october.
we are back from cku as ya'll are back from creep over.. it was bitter sweet for us not being there. but i must say, karen & did have alot of fun. and she has pictures on her camera to prove it. most of our classes were good. i loved Tim's class, he's the freakin bomb !
i met ali edwards & had the album track w/ becky higgins & her sketches class. that one i was disapointed in, didnt do much in that class as it was the last one of the day on friday & i was pooped. also we took the bazzill class as the description said we would to 6 x 6 layouts to use on a 12 x 12 page. well we got 5 12 x 12 pages to do... geesh for that i could have just gotten kits. no big thrill there.
im glad i went. we had a great time & lots of pictures.
well im off to bed. im glad i got to see some of the pics from creep over. i called linda saturday from cku... we missed u guys & cant wait to see everyone at winter retreat. the ft. lauderdale girls are filling up. so far there will be 7 of us coming.
sleep tight everyone
love & miss ya's lots.

Monday, September 24, 2007


well here i am at work, should i be working.. yeah im sure thats what they want me to do since im oh, like HERE! just wanted to drop a quick note to say hello.
this weekend was pretty quiet, didnt do much this past weekend. i was off friday as always now. hooked up w/ a few friends for lunch, left in the pouring rain in case my 2 need a ride home from school, but by the time i got home, it had cleared up for them to ride their bikes home, but by 3:30, i did have to go p/u bella & her friend cause it was raining again then.
friday night went out to dinner w/ my girls & hubby for sushi. yummy, then home. read a book.
saturday morning i've been getting into the habbitt of laying out on my lounger just enjoying the quiet beginning of the day(while it's still cool) reading a book w/ a cup of hot chocolate. it really is peacefull watching the fish jump, etc etc etc. so about 9/10 ish. i mowed the lawn, then proceeded to pressure clean the back patio & by the time i was done, then really did nothing the rest of the weekend except read & walk around the house bored out of my mind, but just couldnt wrap my head around scrapping. to many people in the house.
i will clean better tonight since my sister & niece are coming in tomorrow night & sherry hasnt seen my house since 2004 right after we moved in pre-paint & pool etc & my niece nikki hasnt seen my house at all.
then wed morning im off to lakeland w/ my sister for my fathers memorial & to clean out his stuff from the house.. joy joy.
ok girls im outa here for now.
have fun

Saturday, September 15, 2007

im back

oh my.. did i work today... im beat & i took a nap. after moping & vaccuming the floors, dishes & god knows what else on the inside, i worked outside. i have those bushes that flower every day & r purple. well the grass got in em & choked the life right out of them. let me say right now, they are twigs. i pulled & pulled & trimmed & trimmed. my nails are gone. I have never been one to wear gloves cause i cant FEEL.... my hands are sooooo SORE. after that i blew the leaves off the patio into the grass to be cut.
So after i blew off the patio, i mowed the grass, now mind you, im doing this all in the heat of the day. so now i've mowed, blew off the drive way & side walks, fed my plants some miricle grow cause for some reason, my mexican heather out back is not feeling well?????? after that i threw down some food pelletts. they should take off real well now. now i just need to get some more mulch for out back. out front, i need to get some new impatients for color.. i keep saying that, i think that will be done tomorrow and of course mulch.
my house is CLEAN... now the big word... can it stay that way? god lets hope so... my dogs, ya'll know i have 2 huge dogs collies. lassie.. you gotta love em and i do... but geesh the hair !... they shed it rolls through the house like tumbleweed sometimes.., no one brushes the poor things. i cant do everything. my husband is a wonderful. kind loving man, would give me the moon if i asked him to... but dang... he wants things & then doesnt take care of them & im not only talking about the dogs. stuff in general. every door gets slammed going in & going out. yes im guilty to on ocasion, but constantly... fridge, bang!, microwave, bang. front door, bang, back door, bang !...... the kids to.
i think im making that man take me out to dinner. i deserve it !
so my friends what have yall been up to???????


ok, ok, ok
so im a BAD blogger... i never kept a diary for this very reason. it 7:30 sat morning i've been up since 6:30 & im sitting here. got home last night from our friends after 11:30, & went to bed. had the girls finishing up their rooms as someone is coming today to see the house between 10 & noon. we've had 2 previous no shows which really pisses me off. how rude ! dang if your not gonna come, at least call my realtor & say so... i try to be here for the most part when it's another realtor bcz of my dogs... while the people r in the house i take them out back, when they go out back i take them in or put them in the garage for the time being. in this heat i cant leave my dogs in the garage for any long period of time..... the market realy sucks. our house is huge & im practically having to give it away. the taxes & insurance is killing us. i just dont know how they expect people to live anymore unless you've been in your home for half your life. i just dont understand how any young person starting out will be able to survive.
i've been working my new schedule at work since mid august im doing 4 - 10 hour days and have my fridays off.... i love having that day off. yesterday i got really nothing but the laundry acomplished. aunt flo is here & i feel like the life has been sucked right out of me. the girls at work got me hooked onto this website called they are bootleg movies on the computer u can watch for free. now mind u it does have it's draw backs. im into the first part of halloween, go to click in part 2 & the vide is no longer available.... that's happened a few times to me & it's frustrating as all get out. but hey, it's free & i cant complain.. i've already got my eye on a few movies i want when they come and OMG... it passes the time at work. now mind you, your not supposed to do stuff like that, but so far so good, no one has said a word. my dvd player is also in my desk, my friend is bringing me nip tuck the first season to watch next week. i try to keep it inconspicuous. i even bring my lap top w/ me so i can listen to my i tunes.... i dont have an 80 gig i pod yet that holds movies & tunes. & whats cool is my laptop also picks up their wireless internet. so i download music from limewire if the mood strikes or us girls are talking about songs & were like ooohhhhh gotta have that one.....
my friend that calle me just about every day is like whatcha doin im like watchin a movie & working & they r like you suck!.... yeah i know, it sucks to be at least until management rains on my party...... till then it's happy happy
oh well. maybe i will try to scrap this weekend or at least get my kids school albums caught up to date. when ever i get stuff from school for them. i toss it right into their folder to be put on a page. im really pleased with their school albums if i do say so my self. when i started them they were the cm albums... omg..... what a pita those were! i HATE strap hindge. post bound isnt my favorite either, but whaat can u do. k-5 u know those albums are FAT & as of middle school, they slim right they just throw our babies to the wolves...
well girls i can go on & on... cause ya'll know how i can talk so im outa here, gonna go mop my floors b-4 the family gets up. since i have the animals i use white vinigar to mop. it's a great cleaner & non toxic, but our house smells like a salad for a few nothin a candle & febreeze air mist wont cure....
over & out for now